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Welcome to The Dark Talon!

The Dark Talon is a newly formed guild which was created by Zeffa and Kaely on 17.07.2010
We are aiming to get a good progress in ICC10 and 25! (were currently not enough members to do 25man but we are trying to get it!)
Our raid times are
Thursday - 18:30 - 22:30
Friday - 19:30 - 23:30
Monday - 18:30 - 22:30
These are the ICC raid times, we may also have some optional raids the other days.

Our Current progresses:
ICC10 - 0/12 - HM 0/12
ICC25 - 0/12 - HM 0/12
RS10 - 0/1  - HM 0/1
RS25  - 0/1 - HM 0/1

We are currently recruiting experienced people to join our progress in ICC10 and 25.
Read before applying: Gearwise you should be ready for ICC 10 and 25. We have no minimum progress but we dont
accept someone with 4/12 or less.
We will also do some harmodes.
It is prefered if you are 20 years old +.
(it may be some exceptions if the player is mature and a good player.)

We are currently recuiting the following classes listed below.

Druid - OPEN (All specs)
Hunter - OPEN
Mage - OPEN
Paladin - OPEN (Retribution and Protection only)
Priest - OPEN (All specs)
Rogue - CLOSED
Shaman - OPEN (All specs)
Warlock -
Warrior - OPEN (All specs)
Death Knight - OPEN (All specs)
Note: We are always in search of exceptional players no matter what our current demand is.

We do use ventrilo when we are raiding, so be sure to have that installed and set up before applying!

To apply, register on the website and fill out the application.
We do wish you good luck with your application!
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